Our company

Radium Communications is the London-based operations group, a full-service outsourcing business, providing custom solutions to clients around the world. Our six core business units— outsourced digital marketing & fintech strategy, financial services digital transformation, mobile marketing, app development and cloud web hosting—we work together to bring a unique synergy, efficiency and effectiveness to each project, providing our clients with a competitive price and the highest quality.

Global Outsourcing Benefits

The benefits of our developers and designers globally are many, they are trusted partners in our business. By building up a network of professional contractors, we have decreased our running costs as each contractor is responsible for his/her own work environment. This in turn allows you to receive better ROI for your projects budget. This also allows us to expand the companies portfolio of skills that can be offered to clients, especially within financial services and fintech start-up companies globally.

We Partner with Clients

We're in for the long haul. Most of our clients have been with us for many years now when the group was created in Melbourne, Australia back in 2002. The more we work together, the better we get to know your business and your customers. And the better the job we'll do for you. For further information on how we can accelerate your digital transformation contact us today.