Radium Communications


Web Business Synergy That Reduce Costs & Add-Value

Radium Communications works with companies worldwide as a strategic outsourcing partner so that our clients can combine their industry with a full-range of interactive web services. Our creative web design, web development, internet marketing, and business web support services collaborate closely to ensure that we maximise our clients’ project values.  Because our clients have access to comprehensive and one-stop web solutions, they stay competitive through online solutions with the best price/quality relationship possible.

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The important factors above combined with Radium Communications unique business synergy allow us to provide comprehensive and cost-effective web solutions using:

  • High-level international talent
  • A lower cost base than North America & Europe
  • Geographic proximity lets us work within European and North American business hours

Interactive Web Service Experts at Low-Cost Locations

Radium Communications leverages strategic location in London, United Kingdom to provide the interactive web solutions base with the best possible price/quality relationship. As a global city, London provides a large pool of international talent, creative culture, and a developed technology infrastructure.

Value-Added Multilingual Web Services

Radium Communications works in our client’s native languages to provide comprehensive creative design, web development, internet marketing, and business web hosting services. Our four interactive web service areas work closely together to ensure that we maximise the value of each individual service. This combination of comprehensive services in multiple languages allows our clients to have access for a wide range of services for any online need.

Web Service Teams With an International Background

Radium Communications has a highly-talented staff source from the Europe. Latin America, and Asia.  We’re dedicated to helping our clients stay competitive with full service web solutions customers in the following major European Languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch

Solutions for International & Regional Business Needs

When our clients combine their industry knowledge with Radium Communications expert multilingual services, their businesses have access powerful resources that benefit their customers worldwide. Whether our clients have local or international needs, Connaxis can provide top-quality web design, web development, internet marketing, or business support services—in their native language.  With Radium Communications as a strategic outsourcing partner our clients’ businesses stay competitive no matter where they or their clients are located.

Please take a look at our portfolio to see some of Radium Communications successful online solutions or to contact Radium Communications to get a free proposal and learn more about our multilingual service capabilities.